Comprehensive Background Services (ABS)

Background Checks Sub Heading

Our full line of comprehensive, personal history background services go far and beyond our competitions’ “cut and pasted” database trace information that has been copied from third party, internet based vendors. Our highly trained Background Investigators scour not only simple demographics database reports but public records retrieved directly from the courts, broad internet and social media sites and we conduct both onsite and phone research. We then analyze all of this information and condense the facts into an easy to read report while omitting all of the needless, “useless filler fluff” and the outdated, misleading and redundant information database-style reports provide.

ABS offers three different levels of comprehensive background checks:


This basic internet and database investigation includes a demographics and location identification, residential history detection and basic internet and social profile search results.


This standard level service includes NetCheck level findings, as well as online based public records checks for social and public records. Not only do we search public records in the locale in which an individual currently resides but, when possible, all areas in which a person has lived, worked or gone to school within the past 10 years. This check will also include expanded or deeper internet and social networking research to typically include information found within one’s social network profiles which might shed light as to whether or not an injured party may truly be injured, simply malingering or find signs of one’s injuries possibly being pre-existing!


This is our most advanced online and internet check which includes both a RepCheck and NetCheck level findings as well as employment history and current activities check results, and a deep social profile investigation across all major and minor social networks to include message boards and blogs. Additionally, we include a social network monitoring program. This program tracks the updates, posts, photos, video and the overall continued, ongoing activity within your Subject’s social network profile.