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Simply put, our “Check Your Mate” services are the best in the business. For the past 20 years, we have compiled a team of Investigative Professionals with proficiencies in all aspects of the investigative field. Our team consists of former military, criminal investigators, secret service, and private industry investigative professionals. Additionally, our experience selling, servicing, fixing camera and DVR systems gives us an extensive knowledge allowing us to employ technology in ways never imagined by other companies. And when it comes to GPS technology, our knowledge of their strengths and weakness of GPS devices helps us understand how to use and deploy them in the most effective way for your situation. Not only do we understand the investigative process, our extensive knowledge of IT and computer related systems allows us to discover what other PI Company’s cannot.

Don’t sacrifice on quality, use the best “Check your Mate” services powered by Abacus Research, Inc.


Check Your Mate is a full service investigative agency which specializes in the following key areas. However, additional services are available upon request and custom work can be arranged. No matter what the issue is, we can help or direct you to someone who can. Call us anytime for a free consultation with an experienced Private Investigator.



  • Asset Investigations
  • Babysitter Background Checks
  • Child Custody Cases
  • GPS Rental and Monitoring
  • Infidelity Investigations



  • Premarital Background Checks
  • Premarital Investigations
  • Social Profile Investigations
  • Social Profile Monitoring
  • Teenag Children Surveillance



Surveillance Services: CYM offers a competitive surveillance package which will help you make the right decision when you need it the most. Contact us today and we can assign an investigator to your case from anywhere in the USA: [ico_arrow url=”#”]Details[/ico_arrow]

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Thanks to our professional investigative network, you can call us anytime for a free consultation with an experienced Private Investigator anywhere in the country. We can get an investigation started, to obtain the proof you need, immediately. You Don’t Have To Take It Any Longer. The process is simple and private. All communication is private and discrete. [ico_arrow url=”#”]Details[/ico_arrow]



Do you have any questions? please do not hesitate to contact our office with our toll free number at 800-246-8599 or e-mail us your questions by filling out this form. For a list of our commonly asked questions, please refer to the questions listed below.

[toggle title=”How Much Experience Do You Have?”]
Our Investigators have over 28 year of Experience at a national level

[toggle title=”Are You Insured?”]
Yes, all of our investigators are covered for up to $2,000,000

[toggle title=”Are You Licensed?”]
Yes, we have licensed investigators in all 50 states

[toggle title=”What if the other party contacts you regarding your services with me?”]
You can rest assure that we will never release any information regarding our services with you. We will not disclose any information with anyone other than your self, unless you approve the release of information ahead of time.

[toggle title=”What if you get caught by the subject of the investigation?”]
If we are “made” you can rest assure that we will NEVER tell the person who we are investigating that we are following them or they are a subject of the investigation, even if we are confronted by the subject.

[toggle title=”What kind of Equipment will you use for my Investigation?”]
Check Your Mate uses the best quality equipment available to the Investigative Industry, depending on the type of service that you need, we will use all or some of the following items:

  • GPS Tracking Devices
  • Digital Cameras
  • High Powered Binoculars
  • Covert Video Cameras
  • Discrete Surveillance Vehicles
  • Two Way Radios
  • Night Vision Devices


[toggle title=”What if I need multiple investigators?”]
Thanks to our extensive national network, we can provide as many investigators as your investigation requires.

[toggle title=”How fast will my investigation be completed?”]
This all depends on what kind of investigation you are asking for. After your investigation has been completed, our turn around time is anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, rush assignments have a faster turnaround time and can be filed and sealed in a matter of hours.