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Career experts with over 20 years, we have compiled a team of Investigative Professionals with proficiencies in all aspects of the investigative field.

Our team consists of former military, current & former public law enforcement officers & federal agents, as well as a wide range of investigative professionals from the private sector.

Years of extensive experience selling, installing and servicing covert camera & DVR systems allows us to employ camera technology in ways never imagined by other companies.

When it comes to GPS & tracking technology***, our knowledge of the strengths and weakness of GPS devices helps us understand how to use and deploy them in the most effective way for your situation.

Meticulous attention to detail and our extensive knowledge across different sectors including IT and computer related systems allows us to discover what other PI companies cannot.

Don’t sacrifice on quality, use the best! “Check Your Mate” services powered by Abacus Research, Inc.

Client Testimonials

  • I can definitely say that I’d recommend Check Your Mate to anyone. The team was critical to us in our court battle against my partner’s attorney. With the information uncovered by Check Your mate, we were able to develop a new court procedure that was able to win me custody rights of our children.

    Michael Thompson, West Virginia