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Who We Are
Simply put, our “Check Your Mate” services are the best in the business. For over 20 years, we have compiled a team of investigative Professional with proficiencies in all aspects of the investigative field. Our team consists of former military, current & former public law enforcement officers & federal agents, as well as a wide range of investigative professionals from the private sector.

We provide nationwide coverage, with Corporate Offices, Field Offices and dispatch points in over 45 major cities or regions.
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Why Use checkyourmate?
By combining the expertise of current & former law enforcement officers, federal agents, corporate investigators and former military, we provide professionally sound nationwide coverage. An unwavering commitment to our clients simply makes us the number one choice in domestic & legal investigations. We provide high quality, timely services through clear communication in order to help our clients with or make life changing decisions.

The absolute bottom line is that when dealing with your well-being, peace of mind, finances and children, you deserve the truth!

Our Process

Free Consultation

Prior to initiating a case, our case representatives will work with our clients to determine the best course of action.

Unlike other agencies, our primary goal is to find the best times and dates to conduct an investigation.

We help our clients find the most cost effective solution to save you money and time while preserving quality and effectiveness.

Careful Documentation

After identifying a suitable day to conduct our investigation, we work to find the most accurate facts available to our clients.

Our cases are able to stand up in court without having to have an investigator present in court.

Our careful documentation allows us to deliver a report and service that can help our clients win more cases in court.

Case Delivery

Our promise to our our clients is to have their cases completed and delivered within 48 hours of an investigation.

Additionally, our case management system allows our clients to have access to their investigation 24/7.

Our cases are able to be delivered electronically, or physically depending on what our clients request from our agency.

Client Testimonials

  • I can definitely say that I’d recommend Check Your Mate to anyone. The team was critical to us in our court battle against my partner’s attorney. With the information uncovered by Check Your mate, we were able to develop a new court procedure that was able to win me custody rights of our children.

    Michael Thompson, West Virginia